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World Mission Studies
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF CC 321 Scriptral Reasoning

Introduction to the practice of Scriptural Reasoning (SR), a form of inter-faith dialogue in which Jews, Christians, and Muslims gather to read and reflect on their scriptures.  Explore sacred texts and their possible interpretations across faith boundaries and experience first-hand the practice of SR

10/4-5, 11/1-2, 12/6-7
BSSF CC 450/660 Learning from London: Mission and Evangelism in the 21st Century

Multi-faceted approach to mission and evangelism in the Diocese of London,has led to 50% growth in weekly attendance since 1990. Learn best practices from seasoned practitioners and explore how to apply them at home. Contact:

Jan 12-18
CTU C4311 Mission Integration R 9-1145; 9/6, 13, 27; 10/11, 25; 11/1
CTU CD5001 Inculturation: Theory and Methods

DMin and MA students only. Others by permission.

W 100-345
G-ETS CL 510 Theology of Evangelism

Course equips students to synthesize their personal experiences of God's goodness with contextual awareness, various theological perspectives, and biblical teachings to develop creative practices of evangelism that are true to their personal faith.

G-ETS THEO 540 X Global Christianity in an Interfaith World

Introduction to Christianity as a truly worldwide movement today. Study factors that contributed to and sustain Christianity's current shape, reach and impact and examine key cultural, ethical, interreligious and theological challenges facing mission and ministry in a world church.

LSTC CC/RHS 404 Hebrew for Ministry: Enter the Bible and Jewish Christian Relations

Second language course (after Greek) introduces students to the Biblical language of the Old Testament (MDIV). It presents elementary Biblical Hebrew vocabulary and grammar in order to read the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in its original language.

MWR 100-215
LSTC CC/RHTH 420 Toward Understanding Islam online
LSTC ML 409 Missional Leadership for a Public Church F 900-400; 9/21; 10/5; 10/12; 10/26; 11/16; 11/30
LSTC ML/CC 412 Leadership and Mission in Rural Congregations: Nebraska Immersion
LSTC RHTH/CC 420 Toward Understanding Islam

Introduction to the religion of Islam in historical and contemporary perspectives, helping the student begin the journey of understanding Islam and the beliefs and practices of Muslims.

Online Online
NPTS MNST 6145-Il Mission of God: Insights for Service

Intro survey in missiology for students planning only one course in mission studies.Discuss justice as mission, effective use of short-term experiences, and discerning the call of God in global service.

The Nature and Practice of Ministry
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF CC 560/660 Diversity and Context

We will increase participants' intercultural competency for congregational development in a diverse changing world.

Jan 14-18
BSSF ML 560/660 Organizational Systems

Introduction to systems and organizational theory in relation to congregations and other church groups. Explore issues in organizational and ministry development as well as strategies for systemic change.

Jan 7-11
BSSF ML 561/661 A or B Reimagining Congregations in Mission

Explore inherited assumptions and patterns of Christian congregational life in light of new apostolic environments.  Perspectives on missional ecclesiology offer a framework for renewing congregational identity and practice.  Critically consider insights from organizational, leadership and innovative theory

B) Jan 14-18
BSSF ML 575/675 Making Mission Possible in Tough Times

Class focuses on needs of clergy and laity during rapid change and uncertainty; presents concepts/tools to help leaders identify capacities; engage local partners to become catalysts for renewal and change; to manage congregations and help them thrive.

Jan 7-11
BSSF ML 580/680 Non-Profit Management: Leadership for Ministry

Business savvy and theology dovetail.  Take away practical tools to implement in ministry contexts.

BSSF ML 581/681 Incubating Sustainable Entrepeneurial Missional Ministries

The chances that a new missional ministry will be sustainable increase when the ministry design includes sustainability as part of its DNA.  Students will incubate an entrepreneurial ministry from the initial idea into a fully developed ministry plan, based on the "Holy Currencies" model of sustainable missional ministry.

CTS LM 365 Global Sensitivity in Ministry

The learning objectives of this course are to improve an understanding of and a responsiveness to social movements, cultural variety and global issues.

Section 1) T 630-930 & online; Section 2) online + WebExTBD
CTS LM 405 Leading Congregations: Principles and Practice

From beginning a new pastorate to topics like governance, financial and personnel administration, conflict management, strategic planning, fund raising and media relations, this course will address the day-to-day challenges-and joys!-of parish ministry.

CTS LM 457 Greening the Church: Theological and Practical Foundations

Explore the pastoral and theologial implications of making the Earth a member of your faith community (campus, worship and sacrament, ministry, eco-justice). It attempts a deeper colaborative dream of individual and communal eco-conversion that make environmental justice sustainable and energized by contemplative engagement with the Earth and the Earth web of life.

Online: weekly engagement and WebEx TBD
CTS LM 470 Samuel DeWitt Proctor Ministry Conference

Students will participate in the annual Proctor Conference and engage in conference sessions on a topic related to pastoral leadership. The conference is held annually in February.

Feb 2019, dates TBD
CTU C4006/C5006 Community Organizing: Interreligious Perspective and Practice T 7-945p
CTU I6005 DMin Core I T 530-815 p & Aug 27-31, 900-430
CTU MP3001 Pastoral Ministry in Ordinary Time W 700-945 p
CTU MPC4103/5103 Pastoral Ministry in U.S. Hispanic/Latino(a) Contexts

Area Req.

G-ETS CL 611 Empowering Congregations for Evangelism

Study of the role of the pastor and church leaders in discipling the congregation and motivating and training the laity in faith-sharing outreach ministries.

LIPS 402-001/002 Church and Mission

Check LOCUS for prerequisites

001) T 415-645; 002) online T 700-815 p
LSTC CC 400 Spanish for Ministry M 630-830PM
LSTC CC/ML 412 Leadership and Mission in Rural Congregations: Nebraska Immersion
LSTC CC/ML 413 Natives in Chicago F 900-400, 9/1, 9/28, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11,30
LSTC ML 301 Ministerial Leadership I

This course strengthens members' foundations in the core practices of pastoral ministry: preaching, teaching, liturgical leadership and pastoral care.

T 800-1100 T 800-1100
LSTC ML 303 Ministerial Leadership II: Ministry in Context R 400-600 R 400-700
LSTC ML 407 Social Media for Theology and Ministry
LSTC ML 412 LSPS Spanish Language and Hispanic Ministry (Intensive)

Meets LSPS Austin, TX campus. See course profile flyer

LSTC ML 413 Building Congregational Capacity for Hispanic Ministry Intensive II
LSTC ML/RHTH 400 Science Fiction and Spiritual Imagination

with McCormick T/M 407

W 800-1100
MTS I 301 Pilgrimage in Faithfulness

Interdisciplinary course bringing students and faculty together around biblical and contemporary resources and experiences to think about church and ministry today. Course meets weekly for plenary, small group discussion, common meal and worship.

T 500-900
MTS MIN 404 Reflection on the Practice of Ministry

Two-course sequence in conjunction with field placement helps students develop their own voice as ministers and integrate various aspects of ministerial identity including: theology, spirituality, ministerial skills and professional development.

M 6-850
MTS MUM 303 Accompaniment

The emergence of radical theologies of solidarity and shared-risk are explored in this course, with special attention to contemporary ministry with(in) movements of protest and advocacy.

W 6-850
NPTS MNST 6105 Academic Writing

Improve ability to write clearly and effectively in seminary classroom and ministry venues. Includes appropriate topics, research, organization/prewriting, composition, revising and editing. Also critical thinking, logic and analyzing assignments.

Online TBD
Particular Individuals or Traditions
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF HT 340 Anglican Theology and Ethics

Explore the diverse theologies and ethics reflected in the worldwide Anglican Communion. Consider the work of "classic" Anglican theologians and moral theologians and their impact.

Sep 28-29, Oct 26-27, Nov 30-Dec 1
BSSF HT 420 Global Anglicanism in Ecumenical Context

Explore contemporary issues through an Anglican tradition of thoughtful theological reflection, dialogue, and examination of courses of action that reflect baptismal living and are applicable to daily lives and decisions.

CTS TEC 504 Augustine, Niebuhr and Malcolm X

We will review the ideas of these three highly influential thinkers about the nature of sin in human existence and those qualities of human beings requiring redemption, giving special attention to the theme of sin as pride and sensuality.

W 2-5
CTU D4023 The Theology of Augustine R 900-1145
CTU D4321 Cardinal Joseph Bernardin, Church, and Society W 700-945 p
CTU D5023 The Theology of Augustine R 900-1145
CTU DSC4200/5200 Sources and Methods in Latin@ Theology T 100-345 Online
LSTC CC/RHTH 419 Christian Muslim Engagement M-R 900-1200
LSTC CC/RHTH 421 Theology of James Cone R 800-1100
LSTC LS 650/ TH 640 Valpo - Sexualiy and Marriage online
LSTC RHTH 501 Martin Luther: Public Theologian

Martin Luther's theology deserves careful study, not only because of its historical significance, but also because it continues to provide lively insights into the Christian faith and its meaning in the contemporary world.

M 800-1100
LSTC RHTH/CC 419 Chhristian Muslim Engagement M-R 900-1200
LSTC RHTH/CC 421 Theology of James Cone R 800-1100
MTS I 317 The Voice & Vision of James Baldwin W 200-500
MTS T/E 407 Travel Seminar: Theology & Ethics of Martin Luther King Jan 16-29
USML CH645 Contemporary American Catholicism

This reading and discussion course will examine some of the topics and issues that the Catholic Church in the United States has faced since the end of the Second Vatican Council. The purpose of this course is to understand the various pastoral, social, and theological issues facing the Catholic Church in the United States in the third millennium. The historical roots of these issues, as well as, a comparison with similar issues from earlier periods of American Catholic history will be studied.

USML DT604 Pneumtology

Pneumatology is the scientific-critical examination on the Church’s teaching on the Holy Spirit and the Spirit’s abiding presence in the Catholic Church. This course examines the biblical basis of, the Patristic and historical background to, and the past and present controversial issues in this often neglected, but critically important area of dogmatic theology. Orthodox and Protestant positions will be discussed. All this serves as a prelude to a systematic presentation of Pneumatology.

USML DT846 Mariology

Fundamental theological questions of Christology, Christian anthropology, the Church, the Reformation meet in the study of Mariology. Review the Church's teachings regarding Mary and investigate how they are received in ecumenical and feminist theology.

Introductory and Foundational
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF HT 341 Systematic Theology

Introductory exploration of the central theological themes of the Christian tradition.  Explore a diversity of theological perspectives and movements from historical and contemporary social and cultural contexts.  Develop your own theological voice as you reflect on the ways in which the Christian theological trandition can be relevant and responsive to issues and challenges in contemporary life.

Feb 22-23, Apr 26-27
CTS TEC 307 Systematic Theology

M.Div. required course. The nature of theological thinking and theological method. P non-CTS students.

Section 1) Wed 2-5, Section 2) Online +WebEx
CTU D3000 Fundamental Theology and Methods W 900-1145 TR 900-1200 MAY
CTU D4000 Survey of Systematic Theology R 900-1145
CTU DC4200 Christology and Culture M 700-945 p R 9-1145
CTU P2110 History of Medieval Philosophy R 100-345
CTU P2220 Critical Thinking and Applied Logic T 700-945 p
LIPS 570-001/002 Intro to Theology/Ministry 001) T 700-930 p; 002) online T 415-530
MTS I 311 Academic Research and Writing

A practicum on research methods and template-based writing techniques.

R 600-850p
MTS I 334M Intro to Tasks of Latin@ Practical Theology

*Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Spanish

F 6-9p, S 9a-4p; 9/14-15, 9/28-29, 10/12-13, 10/26-27
MTS I 478 Seminar in Research Methods

Course designed to provide resources, methodological tools and peer assistance in the development of effective arguments and clear, compelling academic writing. Prereq: coursework in three fields.

W 200-500
Liturgy and Worship
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF ML 301 Anglican Liturgy and Music: Development and Theology

Introduction to principles and practices of Anglican worship with focus on the Episcopal Church. Covers nature of worship and history of its evolution; and the theology and use of music in worship.

Sept 21-22, Oct 19-20, Nov 16-17
BSSF ML 302 Anglican Liturgy and Music: Theology and Practice

Principles and practices of Anglican worship with focus on Episcopal Church. Covers contemporary liturgy and sacrament with practicum on conducting Episcopal worship.

Feb 22-23, Mar 22-23, Apr 26-27
BSSF ML 402 Pastoral Offices

Introduction to history, purpose and liturgical forms of the pastoral offices in the Episcopal Church. Readings from 1979 Book of Common Prayer, 2003 Book of Occasional Services and others. Develop skills and assess rites in postmodern culture.

Sep 7-8, Oct 12-13, Nov 9-10
CTS LM 412 Introduction to Christian Worship

Course covers current debates about worship, its meaning and practice. Consider historical forms for communities today; metaphors about word, font and table; and how common practices  such as singing, praying and preaching are done in a pluralistic world.

Online; weekly engagement plus WebEx TBD
CTS LM 416 Leading Christian Worship: A Practicum in Presiding

Explore various forms of worship and genres of prayer. Then we perform them together in order to develop a stronger and more sensitive pastoral presence as leaders of rites.

W 630-930
CTU W3000 Liturgy: Principles and Practices online
CTU W4200 Initiation and Reconciliation M 900-1145
CTU W4201 Eucharist and Sacramental Theology online
CTU W4207 Presiding 1

Should be taken Fall semester of last year; Prereq: W4200 or W4201, W4204 and W4216

M 100-345
CTU W4216 Marriage and Annointing of the Sick T 900-1145, 10/22-12/14
CTU W5230 Liturgical Methods M 900-1145
CTU WS4100 Liturgy, Contemplation and Mission: Ecclesial Spirituality

Highly recommended to have had Spirituality and Liturgy courses.

T 900-1145
CTU WS5510 Patterns of Christian Prayer M 100-345
G-ETS LTRGY 511 Worship in Ecumenical Perspective

Examination of the importance of worship in the work of the minister and congregation. Increasing competence in the understanding, theology, planning and leadership of woship.

G-ETS LTRGY 670 Sacred Music Colloquium 1: History of Church Music

Provides a historical and theological overview of music in the church.

G-ETS LTRGY 670 X Sacramental Theology

Analysis of current literature in sacramental theology. Development of a theological framework for understanding Christian sacraments.

G-ETS LTRGY 671 X Sacred Music Colloquium 2: Music and the Church Year

Explores the history and theology of the Christian year, with particular attention to its implications for the selection and practice of church music.

G-ETS LTRGY 851 Seminar in Worship: Topic TBA

Exploration of a trend or issue important to the worship life of the church. May be repeated. Prereq, P

T 230-530
LIPS 541-001/002 Liturgy and Christian Sacraments

Section 002 -  Syncrhonous Sessions will be scheduled with students first week of class.

001) W 415-645; 002) online
LSTC ML/RHTH 501 Liturgical Theology: Theorizing Liturgy and the Wider World T 100-400
MTS M 364 Black Sacred Music F 6-9p, S 9-4; 9/21-22, 10/19-20, 11/2-3, 12/7-8
MTS MWP 313 Occasional Services: Ritual Through the Life Cycle T 900a-1200p
NBTS THEO 5120 Christian Worship

Introduction to liturgical studies. Explores history of Christian worship, liturgical theology, the place of ritual in the life of faith, as well as the application of a praxis-theory-praxis model to worship concerns of pastoral ministry.

MW 8:00-9:15 am
NPTS THEO 5120-Il Christian Worship

Introduction to liturgical studies. Explores history of Christian worship, liturgical theology, the place of ritual in the life of faith, as well as the application of a praxis-theory-praxis model to worship concerns of pastoral ministry.

Preaching and Communication
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF ML 332/ML 632 The Art of Preaching

Preachers might think of themselves as creative artists who employ many artistic disciplines to craft and deliver their sermons. Gain the tools needed and draw upon the right side of your brain for preparation and execution. For beginning, intermed & adv.

Jan 14-18
CTS LM 302 Preaching

The theology and practice of the preaching ministry. Approach will emphasize both the art of sermon preparation and the place of preaching in pastoral ministry. Limited to 2nd & 3rd yr. students. 

R 9-12
CTU W4205 Lay Leadership of Prayer and Preaching

Recommended to be taken later in one's program. Prereq: W4200, W4201, Intro to OT and NT

W 900-1145
CTU W4209 Preaching I W 100-345
G-ETS LTRGY 500 A/B Preaching and Proclamation

Development of the sermon from text and idea through presentation and evaluation. Delivery of sermons in class. Prereq BIBHB500, BIBNT500, THEO500

A) T 230-530; b) t 630-930 A/ T 230-530; B/ T 630-930
G-ETS LTRGY 502 Preaching in African American Contexts

Course continues coverage of thehistory, theology and practice of African American liturgical traditions, preaching, worship and music. It includes the development, creation, and experience of sermons, liturgies, and hymns specifically for African American denominations.

M 630-930
G-ETS LTRGY 850 Seminar in Preaching: Preaching and the Movies

Expoloration of trend or issue important to the preaching ministry of the church. May be repeated. Prereqs.

F 1-9, S 9-3
LSTC ML 403 Encountering the Living Word: An Introduction to Preaching

Plenary and lab; limit 18 - 6 students per lab

M 800-925 + lab M 800-930 + lab
LSTC ML 403LA Encountering the Living Word: Preaching Lab

take in conjunction wit ML 403

M 930-1100
LSTC ML 403LB Encountering the Living Word: Preaching Lab B

take in conjunction with ML 403

M 100-230
MTS MWP 328 Preaching as Celebration

Course will explore the distinct perspective and genius the African American Church has brought to the preaching task, and the role of celebration in the African American pulpit.

Jan 14-18, 830-400
NPTS MNST 5115 Preaching the Word

The student will learn basic skills in oral communication and fundamentals of expository sermon prepration, and develop sensitivity to the liturgical, social and cultural contexts in which preaching takes place.

W 6:30-9:15 pm
NPTS MNST 5120 Gospel Communication in Context

Gracious and effective communication of the good news of the Christian faith involves the complex interplay of many factors. Drawing from studies in communication, evangelism, and contemporary culture, participants in this course will engage in an exegesis of culture, an exploration of the mandate and means of evangelism, and the development of skills in listening and speaking.

T, Th 930-1045 am
USML BH654 Theological Resources for Preaching

Course addresses issues in theological content of preaching in light of Second Vatican's understanding of preaching as the primary duty of priests and instrument of formation and catechesis in parish life. Gain tools to develop homily content.

Polity and Canon Law
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF ML 335 Constitutions and Canons

Online, not-for-credit course covers the basics of the canon law and polity of the Episcopal Church. Knowledge of the material is required for ordination in the Episcopal Church.

online; begins Aug 31
G-ETS DENOM 601 X United Methodist Doctrine

Become familiar with the theology of John Wesley by studyinghis sermons, a doctrinal standard in the United Methodist Church. It will become a starting point for understanding Methodist theology in general, which is characterized by a theological method that seeks to contextualize the Christian faith in a connectional structure of the church.

Online Online
G-ETS DENOM602 X United Methodist Polity

Course designed to provide students with oportunity to fulfill the learning goals described by the General Board  of Higher Education and Ministry of The United Methodist Chjurch for fulfillment of the Polity requirement. We will focus on the broader ecology of the ecclesiological forms, governance configurations, membership and orders as they are expressions of the United Methodist expression of Christian mission. The student's use and growing familiarity with the Book of Discipline (2012 edition) and Book of Resolutions is an essential requirement and expectation of the course.

Online Online
MTS MPL 307 Polity and Worship in the PC (USA)

Acquire working knowledge of church government, worship dynamics and contents, and church discipline, which will enable those Presbyterians successfully to pass all examinations in church polity on their journey toward ordination.

Jan 14-18, 900a-400p
MTS MPL 311 Baptist Movement: History and Polity R 100-400
Pastoral Care
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF ML 336 Pastoral Theology

A holistic view of caring ministries focusing on the ultimate meaning and concerns of human beings.  The course focuses on the spiritual/theological needs of persons as well as on emotional and systemic concerns.

Mar 8-9, Apr 5-6, May 10-11
CTS LM 331 Introduction to Pastoral Care

Course seeks to facilitate pastoral formation and introduce ministries of pastoral care. Emphasis placed upon the minister's healing role with people in crisis and the biblical and theological foundations of pastoral care.

T 2-5
CTS LM 335 African American Pastoral Psychology

We will consider the African American approach to human nature, personality, theory and key concepts. Biblical texts will be woven with the psychological theories to encourage a pastoral approach to psychotherapy.

W 9-12
CTS LM 431 Pastoral Care and LGBTQ Experience

This course will explore how the praxis of pastoral care is best shaped to respond to the particularities of LGBTQ lived experience, as well as how LGBTQ experience might inform pastoral theology and pastoral praxis more broadly – that is, how critical reflection on LGBTQ lives might queer pastoral care. Students will gain knowledge of the major pastoral issues emerging from the lives of LGBTQ people, encounter relevant social scientific and philosophical theories of sexual/affectional orientation and gender identity, and will develop pastoral theological perspectives conversant with the lived human experience of LGBTQ people.

online, WedEx sessions TBD
CTU MP4307 Pastoral Ministry: Care, Counseling, Presence T 700-945 p
CTU MP5103 Pastoral Ministry in Healthcare Contexts M 700-945 p
G-ETS PCC 850 A Pastoral Counseling Topic: Pastoral Care, Trauma, and the Shattered Soul

Exploration of special topics for advanced masters and doctoral students in pastoral theoloy and counseling. May be repeated. Prereq. P

G-ETS PCC 850 B Pastoral Counseling Topics: TBA

Exploration of special topics for advanced masters and doctoral students in pastoral theology and counseling. May be repeated. Prereq. P

LIPS 472-001 Intercultural Pastoral Counseling W 415-645
LIPS 473-001 Family Therapy and Personal Transformation T 700-930p
LIPS 505-001 Group Counseling Approaches T 100-330
LIPS 509-001 Psychopathology

Check LOCUS for prerequisites

R 415-645
LIPS 517-001 Models of Pastoral Counseling R 700-930p
LIPS 555-001/002 Human Person/Psychological Development 001) W 700-930 p; 002) online W 415-645
LIPS 564-001 Foundations of Pastoral Care M 415-645
LSTC ML 511 Pastoral Care and Mental Illness: Caring for Mind and Spirit T 100-400 TBA
LSTC ML/CC 504 Emotions and the Church T 800-1100
MTS MPC 405 Pastoral Care & Mental Health Crises T 100-400
USML MT643 Christian Meaning of Human Suffering

Human suffering has long been part and parcel of the human condition. It has been commonly accepted without any rationale. This course will seek a rationale for human suffering. It will look for a spiritual meaning in the documents of the Magisterium.

USML PT633 Canonical Preparation for Marriage

Course addresses various canonical and pastoral problems that the minister faces in preparing couples for marriage. Explains canonical forms of each diocese and analyzes various pastoral approaches used in instructing engaged couples.

W 1:10-4:00
Educational Ministry of the Church
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF ML 452/652 Story-Keeping, Story-Sharing, Story-Making: Congregational Leadership and Faith Formation

Students will learn to read their contexts (generational, cultural, ecclesial); to assess individual and communal needs; and to develop skills in the use of appropriate story-sharing methods and media for evangelization and faith formation.

Feb 8-9, Apr 19-20
CTS TEC 604 Pedagogies

Course will examine critical pedagogy, educational theories and classroom practices. Students will articulate their teaching philosophy, learn practical skills in course development, implementation, and assessment, and apply their expertise to engaging learning communities in various contexts including multiple higher education settings, online courses, and religious communities. Ph.D. students only.

CTU I5998-1 Educating for Witness: Methods Seminar M 100-345
G-ETS CE 610 Children and Christian Faith

How children develop physically, mentally, emotionally, morally, and in faith, and become meaningful members of the faith comunity. Child advocacy issues examined.

M-F 8-1230
G-ETS CE 616 Christian Education in the African American Experience

Exploration of approaches to congregational learning in the ministries of African American churches.

R 630-930
G-ETS CE 661 Focused Study: Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy

Organized around participation in conference. (For example, Christian Educators Fellowship) including prereading, workshops, directed final project. Topics vary according to conference.

G-ETS CE 800 History, Theory and Approaches to Christian Education

An examination of key leaders, perspectives and practices in Christian religious education in relation to students' vocations and practices of educational leadership. Explores contemporary scholarship in the field of Christian education as a ministry and academic discipline for discipleship and mission.

W 9-12
G-ETS CE 805 Faith and Development Theories

Critical exploration of theories of faith development (Piaget, Erikson, Kohlberg, Fowler, Gilligan, Parks); attention to gender and cross-cultural critiques. Focus on implications for education, outreach, and worship.

R 230-530
LIPS 579-001 Contextual Ed Introduction

Check LOCUS for prerequisites

M 700-815 p
LSTC ML 601 Pedagogy Seminar for ThM/PhD Students

With teaching projects during Spring 2019

M-R 900-1200
MTS MED 311 Introduction to Religious Education/Christian Education M 600-850p
NPTS CEDF 6300 Foundations of Youth Ministry

Develop framework for youth ministry by examining biblical foundations, needs and effective models. Explore adolescent development and spiritual formation. Design programs, service education, retreats, leadership development and support systems.

Th 6:30-9:15
Spirituality and Spiritual Direction
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF PSF 302 Anglican Spirituality and Ethos

Class offers an orientation to a variety of spiritual practices and the arts, with attention to principles that guide their use for personal formation and cultivation of communities. Participation involves experiential learning.

` Feb 15-16, Mar 15-16, Apr 1-13
CTU DS4210/ DS5210 Reconciliation and Forgiveness T 900-1145
CTU S3002 Spirituality and Justice M 700-945 p
CTU S4027 Spirituality of Merton for Today: Racism, Violence, & Justice T 100-345
CTU SB4520 Biblical Foundations of Spirituality M 100-345 M 1-345
G-ETS 34 511 Prayer in Christian Ministry

Identifying, exploring, and participating in diverse forms of prayer and meditation, grounded in Scripture and tradition. Attention to personal spiritual formation and to integration of prayer wih the roles of pastor and Christian education.

R 230-530
G-ETS CL 560 History and Theology of Christian Spirituality

Focuses on the history of Christian spirituality, examining the theological assumptions that have shaped that history.

M-F 8-1230
G-ETS CL 662 Spirituality, Diversity, and the Global Landscape

Examines the multi-cultural, ethnic, and religious dynamics that shape spiritual practice and the context in which spiritual formation is taught and nurtured.

M-F 130-530
G-ETS CL 663 Spiritual Practice

Focuses on the varieties of Christian spiritual practice and discipline, experience with that practice, and the process of Christian formation.

G-ETS CL 664 Spiritual Direction and the Leader

Focuses on the essentially spiritual nature of the leadership task, a theology of spiritual authority, and the implication of spiritual practice and understanding to the leadership challenge.

LIPS 403-001 Spiritual Paths in World Religions

No Required Synchronous Sessions Held

LIPS 428-001/002 Introduction to Spirituality Praxis 001) W 415-645; 002) online W 700-815 p
LIPS 545-001/002 Foundations of Christian Spirituality 001) T 700-930; 002) online T 415-530
LSTC SF 404 Spirituality of Food and Drink M-R 900-1200
NPTS SPFM 5201 Journey: The Story of Our Lives

Intro course in spiritual formation. Students will reflect on their formation history and celebrate their spiritual journey. Formation groups will bring students stories of God; and each student will see a spiritual director.

Th 110-345 pm
Religion and Society Studies
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTS LM 493 Learning Through the Parliament of the World's Religions

Join us for this immersive experience offering rich opportunities for interreligious engagement at the 2018 Parliament of the World’s Religions convening in Toronto November 1 – 7. Through online coursework prior to Parliament, students will identify a particular issue they wish to explore using an interfaith methodology. Working with the instructor, each student will select sessions and workshops that allow a deep dive into their particular issue. The class will meet as a cohort during our time at Parliament. Following the conference, students will create a final research paper or project particular to their issue and engagement at Parliament. Support is available to help with travel costs.

Hybrid - on-site at Parliament November 1-7 in Toronto and online
LIPS 610-001 Foundations of Social Justice online R 415-530
LIPS 660-001 Leadership in Social Justice Organizations M 415-645
MTS MUM 312 Prisons: New Realities, New Mission T 600-850p
Old Testament
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTS RH 301 Interpreting the Hebrew Bible

An introduction for beginning students to the historical, literary and theological interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures. Special attention given to Pentateuch and narrative history (Joshua-2 Kings)

Section 1) Wed 9-12; Section 2) online weekly engagement plus WebEx TBD
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTS RH 302 Interpreting the Hebrew Bible II

An introduction to the historical, literary and theological interpretation of the prophetic, poetic and wisdom texts of the Hebrew Scriptures. Assignments emphasize interpretation and practical application.

Online weekly plus WebEx TBD
CTS RH 321 Interpreting the Gospels

An introduction to contemporary research and perspectives on the four canonical Gospels. The Greco-Roman milieu of the Gospels, the methodological development of Gospel scholarship, and the question of the Gospel's genre(s) will be addressed.

Section 1) T 9-12; Section 2) Online
CTS RH 344 History of Christian Thought

A survey of significant theological, social and political movements of the early Christian church through the late Middle Ages, focusing on the Western church.

Section 1) W 630-930; Section 2) Online Online
CTU B3000 Introduction to the Old Testament T 700-945 p
CTU B3001 -1/2 Introduction to the New Testament 1) M 100-345 2) Online
CTU BH5010 Early Christian Literature

Prereq B3001

R 900-1145
G-ETS BIBHB500 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

Introduction to the texts of the Hebrew Scriptures--Torah, Prophets, and Writings--with emphasis on the order and contents, cultural settings, literary forms, religious themes, and interpretive approaches.

TBA T 230-530
G-ETS BIBHB500 X Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

Rapid reading of prose and poetry, review of grammar and vocabulary, introduction to text criticism.

G-ETS BIBNT 500 BIBNT 500X Introduction to the New Testament

Introduction to the 27 New Testament documents in the light of historical-critical methodologies and more recent theories of interpretation, paying attention to background and content of these documents, prinmciples of exegesis, and hermeneutical implications to the modern world.

T 230-530 F 100-900 & S 900-300; Online
MTS H 300 History Survey I

Surveys history of Christianity as a world movement by exploring the formation and development of major epochs: ancient, medieval, Reformation, modern.

W 6-9
NPTS BIBL 5220 Old Testament II: Prophets and Preaching Legacy

Includes prophetic corpus and various prophetic settings in Kings. Covers prophetic preaching from the divided kingdom through the Persian Second Temple restoration.

Th 115-400
NPTS BIBL 5240-Il New Testament II: The Texts and Their Theology

Explores interpretation, context and content of New Testament including nature of NT as scripture, and hermeneutical issues with a focus on historical criticism as a basis for theological interpretation.

NPTS HSTY 5210 Christian Heritage I: The Early Church to the Early Reformation

Survey of Christian history and theology from apostolic times through early Reformation. Considers intellectual and social history with church's evolving relationship to political and social structures and to orthodoxy.

MW 930-1045 am Jan 30-Feb 3; Midwinter Conference, Louisville, KY
NPTS HSTY 5210-Il Christian Heritage I: The Early Church to the Early Reformation

Survey of Christian history and theology from apostolic times through early Reformation. Considers intellectual and social history with church's evolving relationship to political and social structures and to orthodoxy.

Books of the New Testament
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTS RH 325 Interpreting the Epistles

Offers an introduction to both the Pauline and non-Pauline corpus. In addition to reading selected letters in light of ancient epistolography and rhetorical practices, we will also pay attention to the historical situations of these letters.

Section 1) W 630-930; Section 2) Online
CTU B4406 Gospel According to Luke

Prerequisite B3001

T 100-345
CTU B4409 Revelation and Letters of John

Prereq: B4205

M 700-945
LSTC RHS 403 A/C The Life and Letters of Paul

Historical and critical investigation of authentic letters of Paul of Tarsus. Based on careful readings of Paul's epistles, in English and in Greek, in conversation with perspectives derived from sociology, anthropology and classical studies.

A) R 800-1100; C) Online
LSTC RHS 412 The Gospel of Matthew: Multicultural Perspectives on the Lives of Others

This course explores how portrayals of social minorities in the Gospel of Matthew can be interpreted in various cultural contexts, both past and present.

MW 230-400
LSTC RHS/CC/RHTH 601 Revelation, Ecology, and Apocalyptic Traditions (NT Grad Bilical Seminar/Adv Dem in Religion & Science)

Spring: Jesus as Healer: Restoring the Body, Community, and Earth in the New Testament and Early Christian Perspectives ; Fall: Revelation, Ecology, and Apocalyptic Traditions

w 600-900p T 100-400
MTS B 450 The Gospels

Introduction to four canonical Gospels with special focus on the unique portrait of Jesus each presents. Major issues and methods for study of Gospel literature. Central emphasis on Christology; minor attention to the historical Jesus. Prereq: B 300.

w 2-450
MTS B 483 No Longer Slave Nor Free: Ethnicity, Gender & Freedom in Galatians W 6-850p
MTS RHS 412 The Gospel of Matthew: Multicultural Perspective on the Lives of Others MW 230-400
Topics in Old Testament
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTS RH 417 Loss and Healing in the Bible and in Rabbinic Literature

An exploration of communal and individual loss, along with the rhetorical and theological strategies for coping, for understanding, for healing. Passages for study include Lamentations, Job, Psalms and Ruth, plus selections from Torah -- with midrashic, medieval and modern interpretation. There will be opportunities to address the subject personally, academically and professionally, with some flexibility based on your objectives.

M 2-5
CTS RH 421 Living, Breathing Judaism

What we need to know about Jews and Judaism, and what we learn about ourselves in the process. Course explores ethics, Sabbath and festival observance, life cycles, family, prayer, community, conflict and change in diverse Jewish contexts.

Online with WebEx TBD
CTS RH 601 Contemporary Hermeneutical Strategies

Advanced seminar exploring a range of emerging hermeneutical strategies (literary, social-scientific, liberationist, feminist, Afro-centrist, womanist, deconstructive, psychoanalytic) with attention to impact of global and post-Holocaust consciousness . PhD students only.

T 9-12
G-ETS BIBHB 650 Biblical Hermeneutics: African American Biblical Interpretation

Discussion of approaches to the use and interpretation of the Bible in the church. Topics vary from year to year and may focus on one of the testaments.

R 800-1100
LSTC RHS/RHTH 602 Women in Genesis: OT GBS M 100-400
LSTC RHTH/RHS 602 Women in Genesis: OT GBS (Adv.Exeg.) M 100-400
Biblical Studies
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTS RH 465 Womanist Biblical Interpretation

This intermediate-level course presents womanist thinking as an interpretative framework within biblical studies. It examines biblical texts in their historical contexts while exploring the triangulation of class, gender and race as influencing the reader's hermeneutical process and potential contemporary application.

Online weekly plus WebEx TBD
LSTC CC/RHTH 443 The Bible and the Qu'ran T 100-400
LSTC RHS/CC 405 World of the Bible: Ancient Sites and Current Struggles in the Holy Land

Mid-East Travel Seminar, Advanced Exegesis

Jan 4-17 (optonal Sanai extention uuntil Jan 22)
LSTC RHTH/CC 443 The Bible and the Qur'an T 100-400
MTS B 331 Reding the Bible Through Cultural Eyes

Prerequisite: Working knowledge of Spanish


F 6-9p, Sat 9a-4p, 11/2-3, 11/16-17, 12/7-8, 12/14-15
MTS B 482 Blackness, Feeling, Interpretation & the Bible

*Meets with ARTHER3015 Black Rage: Interpreting Feeling in Anti-Slavery Imager at the Art Institute of Chicago–Prof. Leah Gipson

F 1-350
American Church History
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTS RH 485 Religion in North America

Course will explore the historical development of religion in America from the 17th to 21st centuries, highlighting the ways that its diversity has shaped American culture and identity

Section 1) W 900-1200; Section 2) online weekly plus WebEx
G-ETS HIST 660 African American Religious Leadership

Black religious experience from African roots through the theological, institutional, and social expressions in the U.S. Field experiences in African American churches.

T 630-930
Topics in Church History
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTS RH 493 Daughters of Abraham

This course will survey the histories of women in Judaism, Christianity and Islam focusing on the diverse ways they have responded to misogyny and patriarchal hegemony as well as how they have greatly influenced their traditions.

T 9-12
G-ETS HIST 850 History Topics: The Reformation and Christian Practices

Examination of significant issues, movements, and persons. May be repeated. Prereq. P

M-F 800-1230
G-ETS HIST 850 A History Topics: The A-Team of the Western Tradition

Examination of significant issues, movements, and pesons. May be repeated. Prereq: HIST 501; Master's students P

T 230-530
G-ETS HIST 850 X History Topics: Persecution and Toleration in the Reformation

uExamination of significant issues, movements, and persons. May be repeated. P

LSTC CC/RHS 405 World of the Bible: Ancient Sites and Current Struggles in the Holy Land

Mid-East Travel Seminar, Advanced Exegesis.

Jan 4-17 (optional Sanai extentin until Jan 22)
LSTC RHTH 603 Historiography and Methods Survey: Graduate Historical Seminar R 100-400 W 100-400
MTS H 350 World Christianity in a Post-Christendom World R 600-850
NPTS HSTY 5220-I1 Christian History II: Global Christianity

HSTY 5210 continues, tracing expansion of the church from Europe into the Americas, Africa and Asia, as well as its division in myriad denominational traditions. Study theological, political and economic contexts and question of unity in diversity.

Topics in Theology
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTS TEC 300 Public Theology

Course will cover "discerning theological themes" in U.S. public discourse and learning to write and speak on these themes in a theologically/biblically grounded way. Requirements include writing op eds and doing mock radio interviews.

CTS TEC 300 Public Theology

Course will cover "discerning theological themes" in U.S. public discourse and learning to write and speak on these themes in a theologically/biblically grounded way. Requirements include writing op eds and doing mock radio interiews.

Online weekly and WebEx
CTS TEC 390 Introduction to the Study of Black Faith and Life

This course will explore the critical themes, disciplines and thinkers important to the study of Black faith and Black life. The discussion will be afrocentric in focus, interreligious and socially comprehensive in scope.

W 9-12
CTS TEC 395 Interreligious Engagement

Emphasizing personal and social transformation, the course covers leadership strategies in building interreligious partnerships, modes and methods of engagement, and how to think theologically about our multifaith context.

CTS TEC 402 Christology

This course will examine how Christ has been understood theologically and doctrinally over the centuries. The course will try to provide a comprehensive review of the history of Christology as well as providing contemporary theological options in thinking about Christology.

T 630-930 p
CTS TEC 407 The New Social Gospel

From early 20th century to current theology and economics, class will compare and analyze classical Social Gospel, American Liberation Theologies, and contemporary aproaches. Each student will construct her or his theology of an economically engaged theology.

Online weekly & WebEx
CTS TEC 410 Queer Theologies

This course will explore the multiplicity of queer Christian theologies that have emerged in recent decades. Topics to be covered are the sources and histories of queer theologies, queering theological doctrines, and intersectional and queer of color theologies.

Online weekly and WebEx
CTS TEC 413 Theology of the Body

How has Christianity come to be associated with the denigration of the body? What are resouces in tradition for a theological re-appropriation and celebration of the body?

T 2-5
CTS TEC 424/624 Theological Method

This course will examine various schools of thought in theology in terms of their distinct approaches to how theology is to be done. While the course will begin with a historical examination of methods in theology, more of its time will be spent examining modern and contemporary options in theological method.

W 2-5
CTS TEC 425 Progressive Faith Responses to Anti-LGBTQ Initiatives

In the Trump era, faith leaders are called to respond to widespread violations of civil rights, including renewed attacks on LGBTQ people.  Using analytical, personal, scriptural, and data-driven methodologies, this course explores some hard choices faith leaders face when they do so: between pragmatism and principle, liberal and radical, short-term and long-term, engagement and safety, community and coalition, speech and silence.

Online +WebEx TBD
CTS TEC 425 Jewish Queer Theologies (final title TBD)


Online weekly and WebEx
CTS TEC 429/629 Mass Incarceration, Politics and Public Theology

The course will examine relationship between mass incarceration, American democracy and the resources of public theology.Course will play close attention to the economic and political structures that sustain mass incarceration, Close attention to the role of culture in the constructions of criminality at the intersection of race, class, gender. Course will integrate these aspects to examine the challenge and possibilities for Christian social witness.

Wed 2-5
CTS TEC 462 Issues in Pastoral Theology

Explore issues of theological anthropology as they relate to search for human wholeness, justice and love. Biblical texts will be woven with psychological theories to encourage usage of Scripture when reflecting theologically.

T 2-5
CTS TEC 484 Theological and Ethical Perspectives on AIDS and Violence

Examine theological and ethical perspectives on the pandemics of AIDS and violence as they affect policy and theology and ask, How may historical doctrines be freshly interpreted in order to mediate a humane response?

T 630-930 p
CTU CD4210/CD5210 Theology of Interreligious Dialogue Online
CTU D4021 Articulating Faith in the US Context W 900-1145
CTU D4202 Ecclesiology and Mariology M 9-1145 M 100-345
CTU D5021 Articulating Faith in the US Context W 900-1145
CTU DC4100 Trinity and Mission: The God of Jesus Christ W 9-1145
G-ETS THEO 650 A Theology Topics: Pneumatology

Focus on select texts while engaging in the critical and constructive tasks of systematic theology May be repeated.

F 915-1215
G-ETS THEO 650 B Theology Topics: Theological Anthropology

Focus on select texts while engaging in the critical and constructive tasks of systematic theology. May be repeated.

F 1-9 & S 9-3
LSTC CC/RHTH 601 Advanced Seminar in Religion and Science M 630-930PM
LSTC RHTH 508 Theology and its Publics W 100-400
LSTC RHTH/CC 601 Revelation, Ecology, and Apocalyptic Traditions: Adv. Sem. in Religion and Science W 600-900 p
LSTC RHTH/ML Liturgical Theology: Theorizing Liturgy and the Wider World T 100-400
LSTC RHTH/ML 400 Science Fiction and Spiritual Imagination W 800-1100
MTS E 420 Reading the Harlem Renaissance asTheology R 6-850
MTS T 430 God, Suffering and Evil

If God is good and all powerful, why is there so much suffering and evil in the world? Various theological attempts to answer the question will be considered and evaluated as we explore approaches to address this question in congregational life.

W 6-9p
MTS T/M 407 Science Fiction & Spiritual Imagination W 830-1115a
USML DT629 NCTI Global Theologies

Globalization has produced an increased encounter between different cultures and religions.  These encounters have brought new questions to theology which never before have been asked.  The questions challenge Christian theologians to think anew about the basic doctrines of the faith.  The Fall NCTI seminar will explore some of the dimensions of theology that have been opened by globalization, such as “Christology: Christ as Healer and Ancestor in Africa,” “Anthropology: Human Identity in Shame-Based Cultures of the Far East,” and “Pneumatology: The Holy Spirit in Latin American Pentecostalism.” 

Moral Theology
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTS TEC 321 Christian Ethics

Introduction to history, methods and sources of Christian ethics, with attention to diversity of voices and practices in contemporary Christian ethics. Includes analysis and reflection on cutting-edge social issues.

Section 1) T 630-930 p; Section 2) Online WebEx
CTU E4007 Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching online
NPTS THEO 5130 Christian Ethics

Introduction to methods and topics of moral reflection and action in thei biblical, historical and theological context. Focuses on new life in Christ as emodied in the church for the world.

Th 1:15-4:00
USML MT000 The Splendor of Truth (Veritatis Splendor)

John Paul II's encyclical treats fundamental questions regarding the church's moral teaching. Course will study these questions and other moral issues and analyze the methodology that the Magisterium employs in determining proper moral behavior.

Hebrew Language
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTU B3300 Biblical Hebrew

$850 fee

MTWR 400-500
LSTC RHS 409 Hebrew Pericopes M 1200-1250 T 1200-100
LSTC RHS/CC 404 Hebrew for Ministry: Enter the Bible and Jewish Christian Relations

Second language course (after Greek) introduces students to the Biblical language of the Old Testament (MDiv). Presents elementary Biblical Hebrew vocabulary and grammar in order to read the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in its original language.

MWR 100-215
MTS B 321 Introduction to Hebrew Exegesis I

First part of a nondivisible, two-semester sequence. Hebrew grammar, translation and exegesis of primarily prose portions of Hebrew Bible, fundamentals of text criticism and general principles of interpretation. Credit only upon completion of B 322.

TF 10-1150
NPTS BIBL 6100 Biblical Hebrew I

A survey of the essentials of biblical Hebrew including basic grammar concepts and the strong verb. A special emphasis on vocabulary building.

MW 9:30-10:45
USML BH 505A Hebrew I

This course will provide a basic introduction to the Hebrew alphabet and vowel system. The morphology of verbs, nouns and adjectives will then be introduced, using psalm texts as the basis for learning the morphology, usage and vocabulary of biblical Hebrew.

TWRF 240-400
Canonical Corpus
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTU B4314 Psalms

Prereq B4203

online Online
CTU B4327 The Fifth Gospel: Isaiah 1-39 T 900-11:45, Sept 4-Oct 11
CTU B4328 The Fifth Gospel: Isaiah 40-66 T 900-11:45, Oct 22-Dec 14
G-ETS BIBHB 6004 B The Writings: Jonah & Ruth

Advanced study of literary units and theological themes. Emphasis on analytical and synthetic interpretive skills.

Prereq. May be repeated.

M 630-930
LIPS 417-001/002 Literature of Ancient Israel 001) M 700-930p; 002) online M 415-530
LSTC RHS 302 A/C Religious Heritage I: Scripture II: Pentateuch and Wisdom Literature: Instructions for Life

Study of the Pentateuch and Wisdom Literature to better understand the biblical message both within its original historical and cultural contexts and within today's world.

A) MW 230-400; C) Online
MTS B441 Exodus R 1-3
NPTS BIBL 5210 Old Testament 1: Pentateuch and Interpretation

Genesis through Deuteronomy as well as overview of hermeneutical methods used in interpreting OT. Approach is both canonical and historical covering theology and settings in Israel's history.

MW 800-915am
NPTS BIBL 5230 Old Testament 3: Wisdom and Israel's Praise

Explore poetic traditions of psalms and wisdom beginning with Israel's origins and continuing thrugh the united monarchy, exile and return. Covers Hebrew language, concepts and digital tools.

T, Th 9:30-10:45 am
Ministry Studies
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTU C4016/C5016 Pilgrimage in Interreligious and Intercultural Perspectives M 700-945 p
CTU WMP4400 Storytelling through Media as Ministry W 700-945 p, 10/24-12/14
LIPS 400-001 Introduction to Graduate and Professional Writing online
LIPS 501-001/002 Advanced Human Relations Skills

Section 2  is a pilot online class, and as a result, student enrollment is capped at 8 students.

001) T 415-645; 002) online
LIPS 507-002 Assessment Intervention T 100-330
LIPS 515-001 Research Methods M 100-330
LSTC CC 401 Public Church Fellows

Limited to LSTC Public Church Fellows

T 500-600, 1st Tuesday each month
LSTC CC 503 Public Church II T 630-930 PM
LSTC CC/ML 504 Emotions and the Church T 800-1100
LSTC ML 415 January Encuentro: Mission in Latino Contexts

Travel Seminar: Luth. Sem. Prog. In the SW

January 2-18
LSTC ML/CC 413 Natives in Chicago F 900-400, 9/21, 9/28, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/30
MTS MED 322 Social Justice Ministries in the Local Church M 600-850p
Topics in Ethics
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
CTU E4008 Applied Ethics fore Ministry: Issues in Medical and Sexual Ethics T 100-345
CTU E4346 Women, Poverty, and Global Justice W 100-345, Sep 4-Oct 11
CTU E5107 Catholic Environmental Ethics: Sources, Norm and Issues M 100-345
LIPS 551-001 Social Ethics in the Catholic Tradition W 700-930 p
LIPS 651-001 Clinical Bioethics online
LSTC CC/RHTH 510 Ethics R 800-1100
MTS E 302M African American Christian Ethics F 6-9p, S9a-4p; 9/7-8, 10/5-6, 10/12-13, 11/9-10
MTS E/M 308 Sexual and Domestic Violence

Examination of dynamics of sexual assault, abuse, family violence; resources for theological reflection and pastoral practice; attention to empirical and normative analysis; criteria for evaluation and action for justice and care.

Jan 7-12; M 12-5p, T-R 9a-5p, F 9-12
Topics in New Testament
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
G-ETS BIBNT 650 Biblical Hermeneutics: African American Biblical Interpretation

Discussion of approaches to the use and interpretation of the bible in the church. Topics vary from year to year and may focus on one of the testaments.Prereq. May be repeated.

R 800-1100
G-ETS BIBNT 881 Study Tour of the Holy Land

A study tour that explores the history, geography, and archaeology of the sites, and engages with the social, political, religious issues then and now in Israel/Palestine. Provides cultural immersion, theological tools, and hands-on on a "dig."

MTS B 484 Women & Gender in arly Christianity M 6-850p
New Testament Greek
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
LSTC RHS 405 A/C Greek for Ministry: Enter the Language and Theology of the Bible

Introduces fundamental Greek grammar, vocabulary and exegetical tools necessary for beginning to read, translate and use the Greek New Testament in preaching, teaching, the Bible study.

A) MWR 100-215; C) Online
LSTC RHS 410 Greek Pericopes T 1200-1250 T 1200-100
LSTC RHS 501 Advanced Greek Readings W 930-1050 R 930-1050
MTS B 324 Introduction to Greek Exegesis I

The first part of a nondivisible two-semester sequence. An introduction to the principles of Greek grammar and vocabulary and to exegetical resources for studying the New Testament in its original language. Credit only upon completion of B 325.

TR 10-1150
NPTS BIBL 5109 New Testament Greek I

A survey of the rudiments of biblical Greek. The focus in on basic grammar, vocabulary, and the development of reading skills.

T, Th 9:30-10:45 am
NPTS BIBL 5109-I1 New Testament Greek I

A survey of the rudiments of biblical Greek. The focus in on basic grammar, vocabulary, and the development of reading skills.

NPTS BIBL 5111 Greek Exegesis for Preaching and Teaching

Procedures and tools used in exegetical process, textual criticism, translation, syntax, theological applications, application to ministry. Experience gained through exegesis of a New Testament book. Prereq: BIBL 5108 or BIBL 5109-5110.

T, Th 9:30-10:45 am
NPTS BIBL 5112 Greek Readings

The course is designed to increase the facility of students to read and translate New Testament Greek. Pass/fail. Prereq: BIBL 5109 and 5110.

T 11:45-1:00
USML BH503 Greek I

Course consists of a careful study of the grammar and syntax of the Greek language with emphasis on New Testament usage. Course is a prereq for BI304.

Theological Studies
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
LSTC RHTH 301 A/B History and Theology I A) W 800-1100; B) W 630-830 p
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
LSTC RHTH 501 Martin Luther: Public Theologian M 800-1100
Ethical Studies
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
LSTC RHTH/CC 510 Ethics R 800-1100
History of Particular Traditions
School Course # Title/Description Fall Winter Spring
BSSF HT 320 Anglican and Episcopal History

Introduction to history and development of the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion, with particular attention given to Anglicanism as a diverse, globalized faith community.

Mar 1-2, 29-30, May 3-4
CTS RH 367 History and Polity of the United Church of Christ

A study of the history, structure, theology and practices of the United Church of Christ, including its antecedents: the Congregational Christian Churches and the Evangelical and Reformed Church. This course meets current UCC requirements for ordination.

9-5 Online
CTS RH 483 Islam, Race, and Gender in the United States online weekly and WebEx TBD
CTU C3000 World Christianity in Intercultural and Interreligious Perspectives W 100-345
CTU CH5322 The History of Muslim-Christian Relations W 700-945 p
G-ETS DENOM 603 UM Studies: Wesley and the 19th Century

The foundational conntribution of John Wesley to the history, doctrine, and polity of Methodism. The Methodist traditioin in the U.S. through the 19th century.

LSTC RHTH 500 Advanced Arabic Readings R 930-1050
MTS H 471 Global Pentecostalism

A comparative study of the emergence and development of global pentecostalism as an indigenous Christian movement in North America, Africa and South America. Includes classical Pentecostalism, charismatic renewal, and African indigenous churches.

M 100-350
NPTS HSTY 6254 Pentecostal and Charismatic History and Theology

An historical and theological approach to the emergence of the Pentecostal and charismatic traditions in the American experience. Special attention will be given to the varieties of interpretation of the movement and to contemporary controversies within it.

M 630-915 pm
USML CH646 American Catholics and Political Life

Although the United States has the principle of separation of Church and state, American Catholics have always been involved in the political life of the nation. This course examines some of the pertinent church/state questions from the Civil War to Vatican II. Topics discussed include public education, the American Protective Association, the Spanish American War, the German question during World War I, the presidential campaign of Al Smith, Reverend Charles Coughlin, Catholics and McCarthy, and the 1960’s civil rights movement.